Can I create my own choreography?

POUND is a pre-choreographed program, but Pros have the creative freedom to structure their class with POUND tracks of their choice. In addition, instructors may choose their own song for the Cool Down track.

If you have some choreography that you're dying to share, you can submit it to us for approval one of two ways:

1. Upload the video to YouTube as an Unlisted Video, then send us the link here with the subject line "CHOREO APPROVAL"

2. Upload the video to Vimeo as a password-protected video, then send us the link and password here with the subject line "CHOREO APPROVAL"

Please include with your submission a written list of all the Label techniques you have used in your choreography.

Choreography submissions are reviewed on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. If your choreography is approved, you can then use it in your classes!