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How much does The Label cost?

The Label is $29.99 USD/month or you can opt to save $50 and purchase an annual subscription upfront for $299 USD.  The LABEL keeps your license to teach active beyond the first year and includes everything you’ll need to launch and sustain a successful career, including:
  • Choreography and music downloads, including 3 new tracks on the 15th of EVERY month
  • Pro Shop with exclusive Pro gear and Ripstix bundles at discounted rates
  • Marketing + Promotion resources w/ a large variety of materials and social assets
  • A place for you to post your class schedule to poundfit.com’s highly visited Find a Class page
  • Pro skills learning center packed with virtual workshops, e-courses, master classes, and unique education opportunities to support continued growth and development
  • Pro Perks discounts from dozens of POUND industry partners (insurance, equipment, booking software, apparel)
  • …and so much more!