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I want to bring Generation POUND to my school district. What are my options?

That’s awesome! You have two options to becoming a licensed Generation POUND Pro. The first is to enroll in a POUND Pro Training and first earn your license to teach POUND. After POUND training you will have completed the required prerequisite to enroll in Generation POUND Pro Training and can then attend a second training day that will provide  you with everything you need to know to start teaching Generation POUND at your school!

The second option is to enroll in our POUND + Generation POUND Fast Track Training, a 2-day, fast tracked training where you will earn both your POUND and Generation POUND licenses in 13 hours (5 hours on day one, 8 hours on day 2) and 1 awesome weekend! We’ve designed this Fast Track training with our teachers and educators in mind - providing a quick and easy way to obtain a Generation POUND license and launch the program in their school P.E classes., music classes, after school centers and more!