Am I allowed to create my own website, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, or Instagram account as a Pro?

Yes, you are permitted to make a website/Facebook Page/Facebook Group as a Pro. Using social media is a great way to create a one-stop shop to share your class schedule, post any important updates or opportunities, and rally your community through events, class pictures, and motivational posts. Regarding your Facebook page name, it's important to distinguish yourself as a POUND Pro. Below are some examples of approved handles:

  • Lauren's POUND Posse
  • My Gym POUND Posse
  • POUND Pro Lauren
  • POUND Unplugged Pro Lauren
  • Generation POUND Pro Lauren
  • Lauren's POUND Class
  • Lauren’s POUND Unplugged Class
  • Lauren’s Generation POUND Class
  • Lauren's Rockstars!

We encourage you to follow and connect with POUND on social media (@poundfit), to be "seen" and to connect to the worldwide POUND community, use #poundfit #poundposse #rockoutworkout and #makenoise on your social media platforms.

More information can be found in your Training Guide.