Can I freeze my subscription to The Label?

A 30/60/90-day freeze is available to actively licensed instructors currently subscribed to The Label.  The freeze is available for extenuating circumstances such as life changes, hardship, re-location, teaching sabbatical, or medical reasons. 

When freezing for a medical reason such as pregnancy, POUND may require a doctor’s note and in turn, provide an option to extend the freeze period beyond 90 days if needed. 

When a freeze is applied the instructor’s license remains active, billing is paused and access to The Label is temporarily unavailable. 

At any point during the freeze, the instructor may reinstate his/her license by logging back into The Label.  After the freeze period has passed, account billing will automatically resume and access to The Label is reinstated.

If you wish to freeze/pause your subscription to The Label please visit the My Account page within The Label and scroll down to the Membership section and select Freeze Plan.