How do I become an ICON or Tour Crew member?

We periodically release our ICON/Tour Crew Application through The Label. When the application period begins we notify all Pros who subscribe to The Label by email so no one misses the application window.

Here are some of the minimum criteria we look for in a potential ICON:

1. Teaching POUND and active on The Label for at least one year

2. Certified Group Fitness Instructor:

  • United States: ACE and AFAA Certifications (or applicable college degree)
  • Canada: canfitpro (or applicable university degree)
  • Other Countries: Nationally recognized Group Fitness Certification (or applicable university degree)

3. CPR/AED Certified 

The application process includes:
1. Application form
2. Video teaching POUND in a live class
3. Video lecture
4. Written responses