How should I prepare for my virtual training?

    • Then, you’ll want to choose your training day space. We recommend at least 4’ x 6’ of space, clear of obstacles and safe to move in. Within this space you’ll want to test where you’ll put the device you’ll be streaming the training on to ensure you can see your ICON and they can see you. Wherever this space ends up being, check to make sure your power cord will reach the outlet - your battery may not last all hours of the training. To earn your Pro license and CEC credits for that POUND program, you will need to be present and visible for the entire training day. Because of this, it is extremely important that you test your space, setup, wifi and power options, etc. before the training day. If you are offline or off-screen for more than 60 minutes total (excluding any of the breaks), POUND may withhold your license and ask that you attend another training. In this situation, your registration may be transferred to a future training. A refund of your training fees will not be issued.