Important Virtual Training Information

  • Ripstix®: Be on the lookout for a separate email to confirm your shipping address. You will receive that email once your training date is less than 20 days away. If you register for training less than 20 days away, you will get this confirmation email and the Ripstix email instantly. Once you click on the Ripstix email, you will be redirected to our website, where you can confirm your address and get your free 'stix in time for training! Due to current import restrictions on select countries, the arrival of Ripstix may be delayed.
  • If you need assistance with joining the call, please send an email to
  • You can join by downloading the Zoom app on your computer or smartphone prior to the training OR by clicking on the Join from your browser link on the webinar registration page.
  • On the training day, we recommend connecting to a strong wifi network if possible.
  • It will be important to find a quiet, clear space where you can move safely and focus on the training day without interruption.
  • Before training starts, test your connection and the positioning of your computer so that you can see and hear your ICON and they can see and hear YOU.
  • Make sure you have a power cord and there is a power outlet nearby.