What is the price of The Label subscription?

Subscription Pricing Based on Amount of Program Memberships (Add-Ons)

The Label subscription pricing is based on how many POUND programs you are subscribed to. For your first POUND Program, you have the option to join The Label for $29.99 USD per month, or $299 USD per year. Any POUND Program you are certified in after your original subscription is going to cost an additional $5 USD per month, or $50 USD annually. You have the ability to cancel your add-ons without losing access to The Label as long as your primary $29.99 subscription
For Monthly Subscribers: You will be billed your new rate on your next billing date.
For Annual Subscribers: On
For example, if the first POUND Program you get certified in is POUND Rockout. Workout., you will pay $29.99 per month or $299 per year depending on which billing cycle you choose. If you decide to get certified in POUND Unplugged after starting your subscription to The Label, you can access POUND Rockout. Workout. related resources with your subscription with the option to add on and unlock POUND Unplugged resources for an additional $5 per month.