What are the requirements for my POUND Pro License?

Effective February 1st 2022

Completion of POUND Pro Training entitles you (“Instructor”) to the license to teach POUND for six (6) months from the training completion date.  An active license includes the ability to use the class name of POUND or POUND Rockout Workout, use POUND choreography, the proprietary product of POUND (“Ripstix”), and the title of POUND Pro. 

The license to teach POUND is active for six (6) months from the date of your POUND Pro training. 

To remain a licensed POUND Pro beyond six (6) months, you must be an active subscriber/member to POUND’s online instructor network, The Label (“Instructor Network”). If you do not subscribe to The Label within six (6) months from your training date, your license will automatically expire. If at such time your license expires, you will be required to re-attend POUND Pro Training (at a discounted rate) to reinstate your license and regain access to The Label. 

Once you subscribe to The Label, your license will automatically renew month-over-month if you are on the monthly subscription plan or annually if you are on the annual subscription plan. 

If at any time you choose to cancel your subscription to The Label (following the 30-day cancellation policy), you will have six (6) months from the cancellation date to reinstate your license by reactivating your subscription to The Label. If the six (6) month lapses, you must re-attend POUND Pro Training (at a discounted rate).