What do the Lesson Plans look like?

POUND® for School’s Lesson Plans provide dynamic lessons that adhere to the US National and State Standards for physical education. Each lesson outlines goals, indicators, lectures, movements, and more to guide class success. As outlined, Generation POUND for School lesson plans last approximately 60 minutes but each lesson can easily be adapted to shorter mini lessons as is needed for your classrooms so long as each lesson’s standards are maintained and achieved. Each lesson first breaks down the goal of that specific lesson. Next listed are the Lesson indicators that teachers can use to help ensure that the lesson’s main objectives are delivered and that the national PE standards are met. Next you’ll find talking points for how to structure your lesson and teach the topics. From the lecture, Lesson plans outline opportunities for students to explore key learnings through movement that builds to the end of the lesson: 2+ tracks of choreography for students to experience the freedom and joy that can be experienced with the combination of music and movement. Finally, each Lesson ends with Rockstar Reflections and the opportunity to assess students’ learnings.