What happens if I cancel my subscription to The Label?

The initial term of your license to teach POUND classes is six (6) months from the date of completion of a POUND training.  After this initial six (6) month term, your active Label subscription/membership serves as your license to teach a POUND program. Your monthly or annual Label membership is automatically renewed on a recurring month-to-month or yearly basis unless modified or terminated by you in accordance with the Cancellation Policy set forth.

Once your Label membership has been canceled you will: 

  • Lose your teaching license and you must either 
    • (a) Reinstate your license by logging into The Label within six (6) months of your cancellation date OR
    • (b) attend a POUND training to renew and be able to teach classes
  • Lose any other specialty licenses
  • Lose your class listing and instructor profile on our website, as well as your ‘Member Since’ date
  • Forfeit the rights granted under your License Agreement, including the use of this program’s trademarks, copyrights, logos, and other marketing materials 

If you wish to cancel your subscription to The Label, visit My Account ->>> Manage Plan. Please note you must submit your cancellation request 30 days before your next billing date to avoid future billing.