What is POUND Rockout Workout?

POUND® – ROCKOUT WORKOUT is the electrifying cardio jam session inspired by drumming! The workout combines cardio, Pilates, isometric movements and plyometrics with constant simulated drumming – all to loud, kick-ass music. An energizing, infectious, sweat-dripping workout, each strike of the Ripstix releases a primal aggression as well as a neuromuscular reward of mixing sound and movement. POUND allows you to truly become the music.

Are there any prerequisites to taking POUND Pro Training?

Nope! Just the desire to ROCK.

What Happens After Training

After completing POUND Pro training, you are officially licensed and READY TO ROCK. You will be given a month of free access to our instructor portal, The Label, where you’ll have unlimited access to choreography videos and everything you need to successfully launch and promote your classes!