What is the difference between having an active POUND Instructor vs an inactive POUND Instructor that still teaches the format?

An active POUND Pro has access to our instructor portal called The Label. An active Label membership ensures that your POUND instructor still has a valid license to teach. Besides the ability to order Ripstix® at wholesale price, use all versions of POUND choreography, and download all POUNDtracks, The Label is the license that gives your POUND Pro the ability to post your facility’s POUND classes on poundfit.com’s ‘Find A Class’ page - the highest traffic page on our site! 

Inactive POUND Pros cannot teach POUND classes or call themselves POUND Pros. They have no access to the music, the 3 new choreography releases each month, marketing tools/materials, nor do they have any access to post their classes on poundfit.com or call the class POUND.